Everyday Questions

Everyday Questions

We all have them, the questions we find ourselves asking on a daily basis.

1. Where…is your other shoe, my keys, my head, the dog? How did we lose the dog when we haven’t left the house because I can’t find my keys or your left shoe?

2. Why…is this wet, why is the dog in the cubbard and your book in the fridge. Are there rocks under your pillow and why? I find more things in weird places than I could ever begin to explain and it’s totally normal. If I find the eggs in the pantry, I don’t think twice about it. Either my son put them there, or I did and depended on the day either one is equally possible.

3. What are we having for dinner? We have dinner every night, and I still ask this question every day. I try to plan ahead, but it seems like time just flies by. Before I know it it’s 3:30 and I have no clue what were having or if I need to go to the grocery store.

4. Can I have a beer during nap time? Let’s be real; some days are easy, and sometimes you just need a drink. And not a drink at 9 pm when the kids are in bed a drink at 1 pm when it’s nap time because it’s just that kinda day.

5. Do you really need a bath? Is arguing really worth it or can you go one more day and we just scrub extra hard tomorrow? BTW incase you are wondering the same question applies to me…Do I really need to shower today? Maybe I can just do it tomorrow(smells armpit)!

I know we all have questions we ask ourselves everyday so feel free to share yours!


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  1. Gwen Bee on April 11, 2017 at 5:33 PM

    Lol the what’s for dinner one made me laugh – I get asked that every single day by Mr 11!! The question I seem to ask the most of my kids, particularly Miss 4 is ‘why are you crying?’ which is followed immediately in my head by ‘for absolutely no apparent reason’. I’m not sure why, but crying is her go-to response for pretty much everything right now 😫

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