My Confessions

My Confessions

My Confessions

Ok, I admit it, I do things, and I let my son do things that might make other people cringe a bit.

We all have things we do that might not be the norm. And today I’m going to share my dirty little secrets with you. Please, no judging.

1. I do not wash my face every night. I know I should, but I just HATE doing it. To be completely honest I’m lucky if I even have time in the shower to wash my face. Let’s be real, when you take a 2-minute shower your face is not a priority body part to be cleaned. Besides, it makes putting makeup on a whole lot easier when you’re already wearing yesterday’s foundation.

2. I go several days without washing my hair. I just don’t have time to wash and style every day. It’s true what they say, dirty hair styles better. I just put a little more product in, and I’m set.

3. When I’m cooking if I drop food I do not pick it up. I just call the dog over, and he eats it. I just don’t see the point of stopping what I’m doing, picking it up, throwing it away, washing my hands, then continuing dinner. It’s so much easier to let the dog eat it.

4. When my son spills water on the kitchen floor me wiping it up is absolutely considered mopping. I just hit a few other dirty spots on the floor(see #3) and call it good. #workingsmarternotharder

5. The 3-second rule does not apply. When my son drops his fruit snack and is having a meltdown, I don’t care how long that fruit snack has been on the floor. Yes, you can eat it! Just please stop crying. Its ok. The same rule applies when he finds some long-lost goldfish in his car seat. I know he’s going to eat them and I’m driving…what’s the point in arguing? My kid has the best immune system ever!

Ok Moms, I shared so feel free to do the same. Don’t forget; this is a judgment free zone. 

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