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Every Mom Needs to Read This

Every Mom Needs to Read This There are a few things that we as moms just need to hear sometimes. Whether you are single, dating, married or whatever. Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded that YOU ROCK! You totally have this mom shit handled and you are doing a fabulous job. And on days…

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5 Things You Should Do Every Day

5 Things You Should Do Every Day! There are 5 things I do every day and you should too. No matter what! And by making a few small changes you will notice a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day. 1. Wake up early: Now, I don’t wake up crazy early or anything,…

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Why I Rock at Momhood

Why I Rock at Momhood Here are a few small things I do that make me a better mom. 1. I laugh… A LOT!! At myself, my son, the dog, the irony of life. I just laugh at it all. Some days I just give in to the day and think to myself “I can’t believe…

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Days like this…From One Mom to Another

Days like this… From One Mom to Another. I’m going crazy! I love my son, but sometimes my kid drives me batshit crazy. And today is one of those days. It seems like nothing is going right. From the time he woke up to the time he went to bed, this whole day has been…

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