Days like this…From One Mom to Another

Days like this…

From One Mom to Another. I’m going crazy!

I love my son, but sometimes my kid drives me batshit crazy. And today is one of those days. It seems like nothing is going right. From the time he woke up to the time he went to bed, this whole day has been a wreck.

This morning: He cried because we had blueberry pancakes and he HATES blueberries. Liked them yesterday, hated them today. Then I told him he had to brush his teeth and I though his world was coming to an end. BTW at this point getting dressed was out of the question. Anything we need to do can be done in pajamas! And lets not even talk about what happened when the dog licked “us.”

Is it nap time yet? No, the one day he desperately needed a nap does he sleep? Absolutely not, not even a little. Instead “we” color on the walls. OMG REALLY?!?! At this point, I lost it, and this mommy went to timeout.

The light at the end of the tunnel: After a long afternoon of whining and crying it’s time for dinner. Pizza, yes the one right decision I made today! Until he spilled his milk all over his pizza, his lap, the table, and the dog(who sits under the table because my son “shares”). So both my son and the dog go into the bath. Neither one was happy to be there, but at least they had each other! 

Is this day over yet? After brushing, peeing, reading, and doing a monster check its finally lights out.

Final thought, when we as a parent are struggling and being challenged it is important to remember that our children too are being challenged. It’s not only a rough day for us but for them as well. In their eyes, these “small” issues are a huge deal.

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  1. Jamie on August 11, 2017 at 12:22 PM

    Love it!
    My child not only loves/hates food from one day to the next, she changes her mind during the time it takes to cook the food! We were on vacation the other week. She would tell us what she wanted off the kid’s menu multiple times, we would order it and when it came, she would ask why we would order that for her and refuse to eat it. lol

    But you’re right. During those times were tough for her too. She was way over tired from long days with no naps.

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