Every Mom Needs to Read This

Every Mom Needs to Read This

There are a few things that we as moms just need to hear sometimes. Whether you are single, dating, married or whatever. Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded that YOU ROCK! You totally have this mom shit handled and you are doing a fabulous job. And on days that you feel like you’re not a Superstar Mom remember this…

1. You can’t give 120% all of the time, that’s ok, that does not make you a bad parent. Let us be real, I’m not Wonder Women, and neither are you! But if you are I’m super jealous. So let’s stop expecting so much from ourselves. If you are doing the best that you can under your particular circumstance, that’s all that matters. If your kids have their everyday needs met, then guess what you did your job even if sometimes that means you only give 80%. You are still a good parent.

2. Just go with it: Sometimes you just have to say F*** this shit and just go with the flow. We all have those days where nothing goes as planned. If it’s one of those days, just know that tomorrow is a new day.

3. Doing things for you is ok! That doesn’t make you selfish it makes you a good mom. Realizing that you need “you” time is crucial. You need to have an identity outside of being “mommy.” Take a little time to do what you enjoy. In return, you will be a better mom for your kids.

4. We all need help sometimes, and it’s totally ok to ask for it. Again, not a superhero. Know your support system and use them. I can’t even tell you how many times my mom has help me catch up on house chores and shopping because I just don’t have enough time. And to be completely honest…I think my mom enjoys helping out. Probably because she’s been there too.

Just remember, you are AMAZING and you can’t do it all, all the time! Your kids love you and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

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