My son, looks homeless!

My Son Looks Homeless

My son, looks homeless!

Yeah, I said it and it’s true! Somedays, my son, looks like he’s homeless and that’s ok. And when I see other kids like that I don’t judge! We’ve all been there… It’s Saturday, and my son is playing outside doing who knows what, wearing whatever he picked out that morning. While I’m doing house chores that have been stacking up for weeks. Then, I realize I need to run to the store for something. Now here’s where my internal battle begins. Do I

1. Spend 10 minutes arguing with him about why he needs a bath. Then spend another 20 minutes giving him a bath. Followed by 15 minutes of trying to convince him to wear matching clothes, and finally, when I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are about ready to go I spend another 10 minutes looking for his lost shoe. Only to run to the store for three things I desperately need. Not to mention when we get home he’s going to go out and play “trucks” in the dirt again.


2. Do I just put him mess and all into the car and away to the store we go. Knowing that wasting an hour to get ready for a 10-minute errand is defiantly not worth it.

Of course, I do option #2! Time is precious and who cares anyway. So yes, I have been that parent at the store with the messy, dirty, miss matched clothes wearing kid and I do not care because I know that my son was having the time of his life. He’s making memories, using his imagination, exploring, and learning. And that is so much more important to me than having a “presentable” kid. Then when I see another parent with their messy kid and I’m like “yeah, high five to us” because our children are totally having a great day and loving life. And that my friends is why sometimes my son looks homeless and I don’t judge!


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