Hey Everyone,

I figured I should probably tell you guys a little bit about myself. While there are so many things, I could say the most important is that I'm Mommy to a sweet three-year-old boy. Now, I know parents think their kid is the best and I'm no different. My son is AWESOME. Every day he does or says something that just amazes me. The rate at which he is growing and learning is so incredible. I could seriously go on for pages…but don't worry I won't.

My son and I reside in Arizona with our dog, William and a turtle named Turtle. I spend most of my time playing trucks, Ninja Turtles and singing the alphabet song. We are very fortunate to live in an area with the beautiful weather most of the year. So we spend a lot of time outdoors fishing, swimming, and playing tag. We also love watching and "playing" sports: football, hockey, and baseball are the favs.




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